Attorney Profile

Jay Silvernail, owner of Silvernail Law, has years of successful legal experience inside and outside Oklahoma courtrooms. He understands the responsibilities his firm carries for each client. After all, it's their lives and financial futures on the line.

Before starting Silvernail Law, Jay was part of Silvernail Heat and Air, a small, family-owned business in Oklahoma since 1889. He understands the importance of businesses providing services to Oklahomans, job stability through small businesses, and how they can be negatively impacted from lawsuits.

Silvernail Law is an aggressive law firm focusing on the rights of the client. Clients should expect the best legal representation available from an attorney who veteran attorneys seek out. Retaining Jay Silvernail is one of the most important decisions you can make to solidify your future. Hiring a different attorney may put you in a losing situation. Don’t let your opposition get the upper hand, hire Jay first.

The firm is one of Oklahoma City's premier law firms providing clients legal services focusing on Criminal Defense, Foreclosure Defense, Civil Matters, and Probate Services, and Small to Medium Sized Business Consulting. We understand any of these can feel like the end of the world, but they aren't. You and your family will come out on the other side with your life intact.

When facing difficult situations, Silvernail Law understands each step of the legal process and will keep you informed at all times. Our firm has years of experience leading clients and cases to successful outcomes. Judges and other prominent attorneys understand we GO THE DISTANCE and will take a case to trial if that's required to effectively represent you. That credibility allows Silvernail Law attain the best results for our clients.

In order to launch a successful strategy for your situation, you need experienced attorneys willing and able to conduct a thorough analysis of all the issues pertaining to your situation. Legal procedure and rules of evidence must be followed to the letter of the law. Our experienced attorneys understand the intricacies of Oklahoma's legal protocol and that makes all the difference.