Why do I need Silvernail Law as my law firm?

Our clients trust develops from our compassion, commitment, and honesty. The laws that govern our great state of Oklahoma are complicated and to get the best results, you need a law firm that understands those laws forwards and backwards..

Is it important to meet the lawyer handling my case?

Absolutely. You will develop a professional relationship with your lawyer and out firm. This relationship is essential to developing the reciprocal trust you'll need to have in your lawyer and that our firm needs to have in you. At Silvernail Law we know we have done our job well when our clients consider us friends.

What to expect when meeting with your attorney.

  • Complete confidentiality
  • Trust and compassion

What to bring to your initial consultation.

  • Bring everything that you can. During your visit we will find exactly what other information will be needed.
  • All court documents, supporting evidence, statements, bond documents, etc.

Understanding the court process.

  • What to wear for your day in court
    • Court is a professional atmosphere and what you wear makes a difference. Keep in mind the judge sees many people each day, wearing appropriate and not-so-appropriate attire. The courtroom is the office of the judge and dressing professionally shows respect to the court.

Where to park near the courthouse

  • There are many parking spots that are metered, but sometimes court can run long and you can't leave to feed the meter. We recommend parking in a garage so you are close to the courthouse and don't have to worry about a meter.
  • We've created a map locating the different courthouses, parking garages, and streets in the area. Click here to open the map.

Payment information:

  • We accept:
    • Credit cards
    • Checks
    • Cash
    • Money orders
    • Cashier's checks
  • We provide no interest payment plans
    • These are agreed to in writing (since we are a law firm)

Walk in the office on Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday between 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM. Silvernail Law makes it a priority to be available to hear what you have to say.